ProductSlide Layout Bank + Slide Master Survival Guide


Having a PowerPoint bank will save you life.

  1. You won’t have to reinvent the wheel
  2. Inspiration is good for us all
  3. Plan your slide layouts

Starting a PowerPoint Bank has huge time-saving benefits as you go about your professional life, making decks.

With over 200 slides to get you started, the Slide Layout Bank is a consolidation of many of the slides we’ve used in our professional careers and have consolidated for ease of use. We have included many variations of layouts (ex: list with 3 columns, 4 columns, 5 columns, etc.) which help the user visualize the space she has to go with.

Our Slide Layout Bank is organized into the following categories:

  • Teams
  • Organizational Charts (a.k.a. Hierarchies)
  • Lists
  • Boxes
  • Sequences
  • Processes
  • Faux Tables (tables made up of shapes)
  • Calendars
  • Timelines
  • Charts
  • Single Picture Slides (for title and divider slides)
  • Tables of Content
  • Miscellaneous

Note 1: All slides (see small sample below) are annotated with our tips, forms of use, and any original shapes we used that you could simply copy over.
Note 2: We typically use neutral colors so that our slides are easily integrated into other decks and so that we don’t reject a layout idea just because it’s got a bonanza of colors.


All of the slides adhere to two bulletproof rules of slide design:

Rule #1: They are all built with the principle of Relative Alignment and Positioning.

Rule #2: The graphics are designed in accordance with the concept of Respecting Both Ends of the Deck.

On top of that, when you grab the Nuts & Bolts Slide Layout Bank, you will also get access to our Slide Master Survival Guide.

Slide Master Survival Guide

The Slide Master Survival Guide will solve 95% of your Slide Master issues in less than an hour of training and make sure you have the tools to fix your decks.


Slide Layout Bank + Slide Master Survival Guide


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